(Published work)

January 8th, 2009

To Inherit and To Bequeath: A Review of Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach’s The Many Names For Mother.” The Adroit Journal. 16 October 2019.

Take My Hand: A Review of What We Do by Michele Bombardier.” Whale Road Review. Issue 16 (Fall 2019).

Self-Creation: A Review of S. Brook Corfman’s Luxury, Blue Lace.” The Adroit Journal. 11 March 2019.

Wait a Second, Let Me Write It Down.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, March 2019.

“The Reflected, Refracted Self (on Tarfia Faizullah’s Registers of Illuminated Villages; Vievee Francis’s Forest Primeval; Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s Rocket Fantastic; and Airea D. Matthews’ Simulacra).” The Georgia Review. Winter 2018. (Print only.)

“Lost in the Pages of My Langenscheidt.” Blue Fifth Review. Issue 18.10 (Winter 2018).

Review of Slut Songs by Jade Hurter. Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 27 December 2018.

Self-Portrait with Rocks and Rough Surf” and “Note Pinned to My Chart.” MORIA. Issue 2 (November 2018).

Ode To Error.” SWWIM Every Day. October 17, 2018.

“Epithalamion for That Couple, They Looked So Happy” and “Portrait of Her in the Window.” The Practicing Poet: Writing Beyond the Basics. Edited by Diane Lockward. Terrapin Press, 2018.

Measured in Minutes.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry (Poets Resist). September 26, 2018.

Self-Portrait with Nettles and Honey.” JuxtaProse Literary Magazine. Issue 16 (Summer 2018).

Ash, But Also Ash.” Longleaf Review. Issue 3 (Summer 2018).

Fireside.” Whale Road Review. Issue 11 (Summer 2018). (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Nominated for the Orison Anthology.)

“Corvus corone.” Blue Fifth Review. Issue 18.1 (Spring 2018).

Con•sent” and “Deeply Troubled Women Are Always.” Crab Fat Magazine. April 2018. (“Con•sent” selected for Crab Fat Best of Year Four print anthology)

When the Guest Speaker Told Us.The Collapsar. April 2018.

Dormancy.” The Shallow Ends. 22 March 2018.

Braking On Ice.” Twyckenham Notes. Issue 4 (Spring 2018). (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.)

Hen House.” Counterclock. Issue 2 (Winter 2017-18). (Nominated for The Best of the Net.)

Review of She May Be A Saint by Sarah Nichols. Glass: A Journal of Poetry, 27 February 2018.

“Desperado, Slightly Drunk and Off-Key.” San Pedro River Review. Vol. 10 No. 1 (Spring 2018). (Print only.)

“Nature Preserve.” Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. Issue 47 (2018). (Print only.)

“Voice / Less.” Masques Anthology. Medusa’s Laugh Press: Wallingford, CT. 2017.

Burnt Forest Specialists.” Cotton Xenomorph. December 2017.

Note Pinned To My Lips.” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, December, 2017.

Review of Sharp Blue Search of Flame by Zilka Joseph. Dunes Review Issue 21.1 (Summer/Fall 2017). (Print only.)

“Saying Goodbye to the Man Who Was Never Going To Be Vronsky.” Spillway, Issue 25 (Summer 2017). (Print only.)

Trying to Find Pictures of Roses Online I Discover a Trend” and “The Housewife Reads about Harry Houdini.” Stirring: A Literary Collection, Volume 19 Ed. 3 (Summer 2017).

Self-Portrait with Gene Sequence” and “Self-Portrait with Housewife.” ucity review, issue 14 (2017).

“An Incantation, A Love Potion, A Bird Beating Against Your Window” and “Nocturne with Nowhere to Go.”  Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Issue 5 (2017). (PDF download available here.)

“Bird Watching” and “Turbulence.” The Crafty Poet II: A Portable Workshop. Edited by Diane Lockward. Terrapin Press, 2016.

“Triolet with a Line from Traci Brimhall.” Blast Furnace, Volume 5 Issue 2 (Summer 2015).

Muse-Pie Press featured poet (13 previously unpublished poems). June 2014. “Spring, and carcasses everywhere” nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize.

Lavinengefahr (Avalange Danger).” Found Poetry Review, volume 6 (March, 2014). (Print only).

“The Road To Trail Creek Summit.” Foreign and Far Away: Writers Abroad Anthology 2013.

The Kindness of Ravens.” Heron Tree, September 2013.

Winter Passage.” Heron Tree, February 2013.

The Moment In Which You Are Surprised.” IthacaLit, Winter 2013.

“The Expat at the Crossroads” and “The Skin is Not Just Skin. Found Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2012. (Print only).

“Aubade at Three O’Clock in the Afternoon.” Adanna Literary Journal, issue 2 (Summer 2012). (Print only).

Birthday Flowers, Four Days Later.” the fib review, issue 12 (June 2012).

On a Street in Barcelona.” the fib review, issue 12 (June 2012).

Attraction.” the fib review, issue 12 (June 2012).

“Infatuation.” Poetry Quarterly, Winter/Summer Issue 2012.

“The last time I saw you.” Classifieds: An Anthology of Prose Poems. Equinox Publishing, 2012.

The Changing of the Flowers.” Literary Bohemian, Issue 14, February 2012.

Trampoline.” Shot Glass Journal, Issue Six, January 2012.

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts.” Shot Glass Journal, Issue Six, January 2012.

Mother and Son at Hockey Practice.” Literary Mama, August 2011.

Long Ago My Father Died.” Found Poetry Review, Issue 1 (Summer 2011).

“The Expat Takes A Hike.” Ibbetson Street Magazine, Issue 29 (June 2011). (print only)

“The Expat Offers Some Packing Advice.” Blast Furnace, Volume 1 Issue 2 (Spring 2011).

Reading the Book of Psalms Behind Closed Doors.” Shot Glass Journal, Issue 3, January 2011. (nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Meanwhile, at Departures, We Bow to a Twenty-First Century God.” Shot Glass Journal Issue 3, January 2011

Scenes From the Pediatric ER.” Literary Mama, April 2010.

At a Poetry Reading in the Swiss Alps, Joachim Sartorius Speaks of Tunis.” Literary Bohemian, issue 7, November 2009.

Until I Do Not.” Literary Mama, October 2009 (Desiring Motherhood issue).

The Great White Shark Writes a Letter to the Editor of the International Herald Tribune.” Umbrella, issue 11, Fall 2009.

“Royal Coachman,” “aloft,” and “Seasons. Change.” ouroboros review issue 3 (July 2009).

“My father’s hands” and “Reach” Asphalt Sky Vol. 1 issue 2 (February 2009).

The Things You Know by HeartBluePrintReview issue 19 (January 2009).

haiku, Postal Poetry, December 2008.

“Canis lupus.” Shell-Economist Writing Prize, second place, November 2003. (print only)

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