New poem up

September 10th, 2013

I’ve been having a long dry spell of a summer, the kind of dry spell between new poems that has passed unsettling and has moved on to disturbing. So having my poem “The Kindness of Ravens” up at Heron Tree this week is a real shot in the arm (even if I did write the poem some time ago – you know how long it can sometimes be between completion and publication). Many thanks to the editors at Heron Tree for including me!

New poem up

February 19th, 2013

My poem “Winter Passage” is up at Heron Tree this week. I really like the Heron Tree format: they publish one poem a week and it’s featured all week. New poems are published each Sunday and previous poems are available in the archives. Check them out!

New poem published

December 21st, 2012

My poem “The Moment In Which You Are Surprised” is up in the winter issue of IthacaLit, a lovely on-line journal that also features art and artist interviews. I’ll confess, I’ve always been fond of this particular poem so I’m especially happy that it’s found such a lovely home.

New poems out

October 22nd, 2012

My centos “The Skin Is Not Just Skin” and “The Expat at the Crossroads” are in the most recent issue of Found Poetry Review. They’ve moved to a print format, so I can’t link to my work, but here’s their webpage for anybody interested in perusing previous issues, buying the current issue in print, or checking out their submission guidelines.

I have to say, I’ve fallen in love with the cento and am so happy there is a journal dedicated to found poetry. (Not that other journals won’t publish centos and other forms of found poetry, because they do, but I feel like Found Poetry Review is a true home for found poetry. Obviously. Hence the title.)

New poems up

July 2nd, 2012

When it rains, it pours. I’ve got three poems up in the lovely (and very easy to navigate) fib review. The fib review is dedicated to poems in which either the number of words per line or the number of syllables per line follows the Fibonacci sequence. (I went with words.) They’re challenging to write well and fantastically fun, and I’m so pleased to have my poems included in the current issue. You can find my first poem here, and then just click on the “next poem” link at the top of the page to get to the next two.

Finally, an end to the draught – new poem up!

June 25th, 2012

My poem “Infatuation” is in the Winter/Summer 2012 issue of Poetry Quarterly. It’s a bit hard to navigate on-line, but the above link takes you to the issuu image of the magazine (it might take a minute) and then you can navigate your way through to my poem on page 197 if you care to make the effort. My poem was a response to a call for “five sexy lines for summer” if that provides any needed encouragement!

I’m happy to be in this issue and happy that what feels like a long dry spell has seen a tiny spring shower.

New Poem Up

February 23rd, 2012

A bit of shameless self-promotion: my poem “The Changing of the Flowers” is up in the ever-gorgeous Literary Bohemian. You expats of all stripes might especially appreciate it.

New Poems Up

February 2nd, 2012

My poems “Trampoline” and “Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusettes” are up at Shot Glass Journal.

Wow. And happy. And wow.

December 8th, 2011

So one day, you feel like giving up. You wonder why the hell you keep writing. Then you read something like this, and you feel a little better, and you remember to be kind to yourself and to just keep going. You start to have days when you think something is going right, you’re not sure what but the words are …better, somehow. You think, yes. Yes, I think I can do this. I need time, and teachers, but I can do this.

Then you open your email and discover you’ve been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

And you know you still have a long way to go, you still need time, you still need teachers, you’re quite sure you’re not going to make the final cut and actually get a Pushcart Prize, but it’s a thing you’ve needed, another push along the road, something to take out of your pocket and look at when the rejection letters get you down.

You think, yes. Yes, I think I can do this.

New poem

August 9th, 2011

My poem “Mother and Son at Hockey Practice” is up at Literary Mama, my favorite place for the literature of motherhood. Enjoy, and check out all the great writing while you’re there.