Administrative note

October 29th, 2012

I’m going to be doing some much-needed updating of my sidebar – hopefully all this will go on behind the curtain and you won’t even notice a thing, but it case you notice some glitches it’s because I’m making some changes behind the curtain and the curtain slipped. The way I blog has changed, the blogs I read have changed, the way I think about this blog and the things I hope to do with it have changed but my links have not kept up with the changes. I’ll be adding a lot of poetry blogs and expat blogs over the next week or two  – recommendations are always welcome!


October 1st, 2011

We’re off for a much needed family vacation to someplace warm with a beach. I’ll be back in a week. See you then and have a good week!

In the meantime, for your reading pleasure, check out this amazing poem by Traci Brimhall in Passages North: “The Women are Ordered to Clear the Bodies of Suitors Slain by Ulysses.” Then go back to the table of contents and read the other three she’s got in that issue as well. Wow, huh?

Blog Carnival

November 16th, 2010

My “Röstigraben” post is part of the first >Language>Place blog carnival which is full of stories and impressions about travel and language and fitting in and sticking out and all the things that flash through your mind when you peek behind a different cultural curtain. Check it out – the contributors will take you all around the world.

I’m back in business

July 7th, 2010

Of course my blog went down the whole time I was in the US. Of course I completely rely on R to provide tech support for my blog. Of course I have no idea as to what goes on behind the curtains of my blog. (Of course I need to change that.) Of course I had a lot to say: the bizarre reverse culture shock of an Overseas American coming back home (e.g: hey, US, what’s with the air conditioning set to 67 degrees? Seriously?), how it was being away from the boys for so long (surprisingly okay, and Skype video calls helped a great deal), taking the ferry from Boston to Provincetown (Switzerland, I love you, but you are a bit, um, land-locked, no?), the workshop with Marge (yes, I get to call her Marge now), and the glory that is Curious George & Friends children’s bookstore in Cambridge (the English language children’s book selection is pretty limited in a non-English speaking country). Of course what with the two of us being six time zones apart and him having his hands full solo parenting, I didn’t bother to ask R to look into it whatever was going on with the blog until I was back in Switzerland. 

Of course I wrote. I wrote in my journals and I wrote poems for the workshop. And over the next week I hope to go back in time and sort it all out here, for you and for myself. Because for me, things aren’t fully real until I capture them in words.

Administrative placeholder *updated*

November 13th, 2008

Something’s gone wonky with my sidebar and it’s slipped all the way to the bottom of the page. I think I know what the problem is but have neither the energy or the time to fix it until…hm, until my husband/tech support gets back.

I could write about the melt-down Small Boy had this afternoon or how early Boychen woke or how, without fail, twelve minutes after pancakes Small Boy is running around the apartment all hopped up on maple syrup but I’m tired. Really really tired.

One week down , one to go.

And on that note, the most pathetic post ever to keep my NaBloPoMo hopes alive.

UPDATED on Friday night to add: Ohmygod I fixed my sidebar problem myself. It involved code. Wow.