Friday link roundup

February 16th, 2018

I’ve been in Montreal and Quebec with my son and his teammates as they play in the Québec International PeeWee Hockey Tournament on the Swiss Eastern Selects, so I’ve been getting very little reading or writing done. The team did a great job adapting to the smaller North American ice and faster Canadian style of play, and it’s been fascinating to watch them learn and adapt in the middle of a match, but unfortunately they were eliminated from the tournament last night. Between the hockey and the travel and the social outings, I don’t have a lot for you this week but I can recommend:

Amorak Huey’s new Tiny Letter One Poem at a Time.

Pretty much everything in the February issue of Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

This interview with Vievee Francis in the Los Angeles Review of Books. In my view, Vievee Francis is without a doubt one of the absolute best poets out there, and everything she says or writes is worth reading.

For anybody who hasn’t read it, and everybody who has, and for all of us who need it now, and for the sorrow of it all,  “Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild” by Kathy Fish, which first appeared in Jellyfish Review.

I’ve been re-reading The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker and thinking about rhyme and sound and how the music of a poem, the way the sounds of the words resonate with each other, transmits as much emotion and depth as the meanings of the words.