Poetry roundup

December 14th, 2012

Switzerland is giving us a right proper winter this year, although the weather forecast for the weekend is calling for a warm front (known as the Föhn) to move through that will unfortunately probably melt everything. So in honor of the winter we’ve had so far, a selection of winter poems for you. All of these poems are “about” more than winter and ice and snow, of course, as good poems should be.

From Poetry Foundation, “Ice” by Gail Mazur. (Also at Poetry Foundation, the editors there have put together their own collection of winter poems here.)

At Poets.org, “The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens and “Snow” by Naomi Shihab Nye.

From Valparaiso Poetry Review, “How Heavy the Snow” by Diane Lockward.

From Pebble Lake Review, “You Tell Me of the Winters in Laramie” by Corinna McClanahan Schroeder.

By Jared Carter, “Snow” (published here on his personal website and yes, I think I’ve linked to this one already but honestly: look at how he handles those rhymes!).

From the Poetry 180 project “Herd Of Buffalo Crossing the Missouri On Ice” by William Matthews. I’ve watched bison wade across the Madison river in late fall with the boys, and almost 10 years ago R and I saw bison crusted with ice and snow on a winter visit to Yellowstone, but I’ve never seen the two combined. The magic of poetry is that it brings us there anyway.

Enjoy the weekend, stay warm, build a snow fort, and may wild creatures visit your yards and your dreams.

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