October 10th, 2011

Well that was lovely. We went on an extremely uncharacteristic beach resort family vacation and a wonderful time was had by all. Technically, we were in Jerba, Tunisia, but because we were in an all-inclusive resort we could have been nearly anywhere with palm trees and bougainvillea; had we wanted to, we could have gone the entire week without a dinar passing through our hands. Five years ago I would not have imagined myself taking this sort of a trip, let alone enjoying it so very much and contemplating returning next autumn, but at this stage of family life it was just right. The boys went to the kids’ club two hours each morning while R and I lounged at the poolside and then we collected the boys for lunch and┬áspent every afternoon together on the beach.

The boys, particularly the Boychen, loved the beach – it was their first time on a shore of any kind – and spent happy hours building sandcastles and jumping over waves. R and I lounged on beach chairs, helped with sandcastles, took the boys into the water and made sure they didn’t drown. It was pretty perfect.

We did leave the resort bubble one day for a trip to Houmet Souk; even so it’s hardly honest to say I’ve been to Tunisia.

Now we’re back and it’s 10 degrees celcius and raining and Small Boy has hockey training “Intensive Week” – on- and off-ice training every day this week – and the hockey school opens on Saturday. Summer is well and truly over.

3 Responses to “Back”

  1. Stephanie on October 10, 2011 6:33 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I’m glad you had a good vacation.

  2. Tracy on October 12, 2011 3:33 pm

    We are going to St. Petersburg for the weekend. Our first trip away as tourists since having a baby(I don’t count our trip to the US). It will be different for us, too. The plan is to see one major site each day and know that anything else is gravy. The old us would have jammed as much in as humanly possible. Life sure is different with little ones! Glad you enjoyed your warm weather vacation! Winter is coming . . .

  3. Jennifer on October 13, 2011 2:25 pm

    Tracy, we went to Spain when Small Boy was about 4 months old and I think we considered it a success to wander around town with the stroller!

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