His just deserts

May 12th, 2011

Remember this post about how I wasn’t sure if hockey was going to work out for the Small Boy?

Well, Small Boy received an invitation to summer training for the SCB Bambini team. The hockey school, also run by the SCB program, is open to any kid aged four through eight. We teach kids to skate and the basics of puck handling skills, but we don’t, strictly speaking, teach hockey. (Hey, did you notice that “we” I slipped in there? I said yes.) When the kids play pick-up hockey, it’s rather a free-for-all. There aren’t assigned positions and there is certainly nothing resembling strategy. That all comes in the Bambini program; and to join the Bambinis – an actual team that plays actual games against other actual teams – a kid needs to be invited, and Small Boy has been invited to the summer training program. At the end of the summer there will be the final selection to see if he makes the team for the hockey season, but for now, the boy can call himself a Bambini.

He’s over the moon.

And if he works in the summer program the way he worked over the winter, that kid is SO on the team.