Hay is for horses. Hay bales are for little boys.

September 5th, 2010

This is how the boys passed the time waiting for dinner:

running across the driveway and jumping onto the hay bales. Can you see them there, dangling off the hay bales? I didn’t want to get any closer to take the picture – they were in the middle of one of those golden moments when they were running around inventing games and requiring no adult interaction whatsoever, and any parent knows not to get in the middle of that.

The hay was baled last week and wrapped yesterday. That was the first time I’d seen bales wrapped up, and I think the wrapping machine is my new favorite piece of farm equipment. I love farm equipment – there’s a specialized machine for everything. There’s one machine for baling the hay and another machine for wrapping it. There’s a machine for harvesting the wheat and another for harvesting the corn and another for digging the potatoes and whole other machine for digging the sugar beets.┬áNo small farmer can afford all that machinery, of course; J hires the machinery he needs at harvest time and he hired the wrapper for the hay.

Silage, rather than hay, would be the proper term for it actually, and would you believe that Boychen taught me that word (which happens to be the same in German and English)? It makes perfect sense actually, since he is growing up on a farm and I did not; just another reminder to me of how situational language learning is, how situational language itself is. “The wrapping machine,” I wrote and I wasn’t far off: it’s a wrapper or a bale wrapper, and I’m currently as enthralled by it as any child.