I’m back in business

July 7th, 2010

Of course my blog went down the whole time I was in the US. Of course I completely rely on R to provide tech support for my blog. Of course I have no idea as to what goes on behind the curtains of my blog. (Of course I need to change that.) Of course I had a lot to say: the bizarre reverse culture shock of an Overseas American coming back home (e.g: hey, US, what’s with the air conditioning set to 67 degrees? Seriously?), how it was being away from the boys for so long (surprisingly okay, and Skype video calls helped a great deal), taking the ferry from Boston to Provincetown (Switzerland, I love you, but you are a bit, um, land-locked, no?), the workshop with Marge (yes, I get to call her Marge now), and the glory that is Curious George & Friends children’s bookstore in Cambridge (the English language children’s book selection is pretty limited in a non-English speaking country). Of course what with the two of us being six time zones apart and him having his hands full solo parenting, I didn’t bother to ask R to look into it whatever was going on with the blog until I was back in Switzerland. 

Of course I wrote. I wrote in my journals and I wrote poems for the workshop. And over the next week I hope to go back in time and sort it all out here, for you and for myself. Because for me, things aren’t fully real until I capture them in words.

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