August 26th, 2009

Wednesday morning. The Small Boy goes off to Kindergarten with R. (Have I told you? Can you believe it? My Small Boy goes to Kindergarten four mornings a week.) I walk across the driveway with the Boychen, knock at my mother-in-law’s door. It’s Wednesday, she is taking the Boychen for the morning. I walk back to our house, come down to my studio, pour a cup of coffee into my sunshine yellow mug with the white spots. I put on some internet radio, open half-a-dozen tabs, see that Crab Orchard Review is accepting submissions for a special issue featuring Illinois writers. I’m an Illinois writer; far-flung, it is true, but I lived there for the first 21 years of my life. I think it would make an interesting line in a cover letter: “I am an Illinois native now living on a farm in Switzerland…” I think it would be enough to make somebody keep reading. I have my task for the morning, the boys are away, I have these two quiet hours in my studio, and I have a task. I close the windows, go to work.

3 Responses to “Morning”

  1. Trish on August 26, 2009 1:25 pm

    That sounds divine. My mug is just plain white but it’s a nice shape and it holds a lot of coffee. Good luck with the Crab Orchard Review. I think you’re right, your story is intriguing. Go for it!

    (I’ve got a new URL… thank you for keeping me on your Virtual Bedside Table all these years! Trish, formerly of Light. Sweet. Crude.)

  2. christina on September 1, 2009 1:07 pm

    See that’s both the thrill and the hardest part for me–digging in, once I have the time! I hope you had a productive morning!

  3. Jennifer on September 3, 2009 9:53 am

    I did get a poem out of the morning. Nothing I can use for COR, probably, but something that I feel pretty sure will end up published someplace after the revisions. Amazing what happens when I actually *show up* at the empty page.

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