Thunder, stolen

November 30th, 2008

If there is a downside to the relationship Small Boy has with his grandparents, it’s that they know him so well. He’s not a theoretical grandchild. He is the Small Boy, theirs as much as ours. They know that the greatest treat you can offer him is a Ricola. They know when he sucks his thumb he’s tired but when he sucks his thumb and plays with his belly-button he’s really tired. They know if it comes with a siren it’ll be a hit. They know it can take ten minutes to get him dressed to go outside. They know he’s jealous of his little brother. They know he loves getting a ride in the tractor. They know he can be stubborn, and unbearably adorable, and they know just the right thing to make him happy.

They know this so well that they got him the exact same advent calender we did, and they put theirs out first.

Grandparents. Of all the nerve.