November 23rd, 2008

We took Small Boy to his first professional hockey game this afternoon. R’s dad has been a season ticket holder forever – he’s been going to games with the same bunch of guys for three decades but at this point one of his friends only goes to the playoff games; that’s the only reason he gets season tickets anymore, to have guaranteed seats to playoff games. So his seat is pretty much almost empty the rest of the time. R’s dad gave up his seat and found another season-ticket holder not interested in today’s game so we had the chance to go to one of the rare Sunday afternoon games with Small Boy (almost all the games start at 19.45 – he’d never make it through a two-hour game starting at 8pm).

He had fun, even though it was hard for him to really follow what was going on. We ate french fries during the breaks between periods, and when SCB scored he waved his flag. He learned some new Swiss-German vocabulary from the guys in the seats next to us, words such as huereseich* and Tönnerwetter!** and Scheiss!,*** words I’m not entirely sure my four-year old boy needs to know. At some point he commented that “Sie kehe fash nie um!”**** He was quite impressed with the referees: imagine, they get to use a whistle and tell everybody what to do! That’s right up the Small Boy’s alley.

Although SCB won – and the winning goal, in overtime, was scored by this guy and yes that date of birth is correct – it wasn’t exactly quality hockey. SCB is like that sometimes. They’re one of the best team in the Swiss league but they sure can play down now and then. But it was fun – I was pregnant with the Boychen the last time I went to an SCB game so it sure was nice to make it to another one.

* This literally translates as “hooker piss” but is along the lines of somebody saying “Crap!” in English and can I tell you this might be my new favorite word.

** Thunder-weather, also along the lines of “Oh crap!” or “For crying out loud!”

*** I don’t need to translate that one, do I?

**** “They (meaning the hockey players) almost never fall over!” He’s still going to hockey practice and his attitude has improved tremendously, but there is, understandably for a not-yet-four-year-old, a great deal of falling down. He was quite impressed by the big boys today.