November 10th, 2008

Sometimes things just fall in your lap. I was taking a walk today – more accurately put I was taking the Boychen on a walk today in a desperate attempt to force him to fall asleep in the stroller, something I haven’t had to do it quite a while. I was annoyed. I did not want to be taking the Boychen for a stroller nap, I wanted him to nap properly in his bed so that I could try to get some work done on this day when the Small Boy is with the Tagesmutter. But it was not to be, and I was taking the little one for a walk and I was annoyed. It was windy, and whatever direction I turned the wind seemed to blow into Boychen’s face, keeping him awake. Draping a blanket over the stroller as a wind-screen only annoyed him. Finally he started dozing off and the sun came out – ordinarily a cause for cheer but the sun was shining right in his face. I made a quick turn and walked down two shaded blocks I have never walked before in my life. Considering the many miles I walked with the boys during the collicky-baby-post-partum-depression nightmare that was January and February it’s amazing to me that there are two blocks near both the zoo and the river than I’ve never walked.

I turned the corner and saw this. I only had the point-and-shoot with me so the photos don’t begin to do it justice, but I literally stopped in my tracks and said, Wow. So thank you, Boychen, for fussing. Thank you for staying awake and hating the wind-screen. Thank you for driving me down those two blocks, and showing me this.