The chapbook challenge

November 6th, 2008

I found this Chapbook Challenge via ReadWritePoem – though I found it a few days late into the month, it’s a perfect challenge to drive forward my chapbook project. I’ve stalled on writing new poems for this manuscript I’m building in my mind. I’ve made massive revisions to one poem – the¬†poem that would open the collection, the poem Brewer would call the “hook” poem – and minor revisions to two more, but I’ve only written one new poem: a¬†villanelle that, upon re-reading, is far too similar to another in the collection. It’s my intention to have a running theme, but there’s a running theme and then there is flat-out repetition. Because villanelles are, by their nature, repetative within the structure of the poem, two similar villanelles is too much. At least my two are.

At any rate. The chapbook challenge. I’m taking it up, but forgivingly.

And really, when did it become November?