November 4th, 2008

Small Boy is sleeping at The Farm tonight – he spends Wednesdays with his grandparents anyway – so that I can stay up late and/or wake up early to watch election returns come in (the earliest poll closings – parts of Indiana and Kentucky – occur at midnight Swiss time; Florida, Georgia and Virginia will come in at 1 a.m. these parts). It’ll be sad and lame to be sitting up alone watching polls close. I used to live in DC and somebody was always having an election night party. The best was probably the one held by Chuck Schumer’s then-Legislative Assistant because it was chock-full of policy geeks. Charles Dickens would appreciate the sentiment that it was also the worst election night party because the year was 1994. In 2000 we finally gave up and broke up the party when it turned into an all-night “Florida Gore! No, Florida Bush! Wait, too close to call. We’re putting Florida back in play!” fest but even then my best buddy and I wound up trading phone calls for another hour after arriving at our respective apartments. Tonight it’ll just be me and the quiet Swiss night.

These are the times I remember how much my life has changed. These are the times I feel in the very soles of my feet that yes, I really do live in Switzerland. How strange it all is sometimes.