Teething in the age of globalization

July 17th, 2008

Some time ago, Australian Friend gave me a box of Heinz Teething Rusks. Her youngest didn’t need them anymore, but at the time Little Boy C wasn’t ready for them. He wasn’t teething yet, and then his first two teeth came in quite early and he didn’t quite have a handle on holding on to the rusk and getting it into his mouth. By the time the next four teeth came in – and yes, the poor guy did get four top teeth all at once – he had pretty good aim and we handed him a rusk now and then. And then and now. And now. And again.

They. are. incredible.

They are as hard as a rock. Seriously. As a rock. LBC can gnaw away on one of those things for twenty minutes without breaking off anything he could possibly choke on. When he’s done chewing, I can put it in a baggie and give it to him again the next day. I love them. I cannot live without them. How did I possibly get Little Boy A through a whole set of baby teeth without knowing about these? I must have them.

I must have them so badly that we just ordered half-a-dozen boxes from Australia because we have not been able to find them anywhere else, including in the US (R looked when he was there on his trip). The postage doubles the cost of the order and I don’t care. We must have rusks in the house before the next teeth start moving.

I love the internet.