June 18th, 2008

This week’s ReadWritePoem promt was a good exercise for me: take yourself out of the poem, let the¬†narrator of the poem be somebody receiving a story rather than telling it. (You’ll notice I didn’t quite pull it off.)


Suppose I had looked right
instead of left that day.
Would he still have caught my eye,
taken my hand,
my life?
What would I be
if I’d looked right?

(It’s not something she should be asking

Suppose I had said no
instead of yes.
Woul have have asked again
Persisted, insisted on
Where would I be
if I’d said no?

(It’s not something I want to hear from

Suppose I had gone to college
instead of typing class.
Would I have had a sorority sister
a homecoming
a life?
Who would I be
if I’d gone?

(A good question, but not one to ask
your child)


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